Friday, January 2, 2009


Dane Cook appointed his brother manager of Great Dane Enterprises Inc., Dane's company. This how Dane Cook operates? Through a company? Hes a comedian, and sometimes an not really sure what his "company" does. Cook probably just wanted to make up that witty/really funny "corporate" name. Anyway so back to his brother. Over the past 17 months, this dude has been stealing over $10 million dollars from Cook's company. He also was dumb enough to forge a $3 MILLION DOLLAR CHECK! Yeah not reeeeeaaaaaaalllly sure....buuuuuutttt usually people are going to notice $10 million missing dollars. Especially as it is with most of the modern day world, we have what are called records. Like records of you, taking money from this account, and putting into an account with YOUR NAME ON IT!! When asked for the records, well...oh my he can't find them. Not only that... When this genius got busted he had 800k in one hundred dollar bills...nope I wasn't stealing. My monthly salary is 12,500k, and I have a 150k piece of land in Florida. But I honestly haven't stolen a thing. That is Cooks inbred brother Daryl McCauley is claiming; he keeps this up he can plea insanity for believing what he's actually saying.

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