Sunday, January 4, 2009


Apparently not only I really, really, really, really hate Kathy Griffin. As you see in the video she loses her cool at a heckler who hates her too...on live TV. It probably has been awhile since she has been on TV seeing as she sucks. She even admits that hosting a New Years Countdown Show on a cable TV network was a big gig for her. She even goes as far in the video to wonder why everyone was picking on her? (see article title) What kind of casting producer hires one of the most annoying voices/people on the Earth?? One getting bribed or blackmailed by said aggravating red headed female. Her voice is more annoying than a garbage disposal full of kitties. Baby ones. Kathy Griffin's name on the the New Years casting list was just below Gilbert Godfrey and Helen Keller. (editors note: Helen Keller was deaf, blind, and is now dead) So this is an open and shut case of blackmail or bribe. Or maybe the CNN casting producer is deaf. No. The producer would still have to look at that Halloween mask she calls a face. Must be someone who isn't desperate enough to do a New Years countdown, and is blind and deaf?? Must be the late Helen Keller. She is immune to Kathy Griffin. Well only til I give her some braille tablets with some of Griffin's shitty stand up comedy on them....Now we ALL hate KATHY GRIFFIN.

(editors note: Hellen Keller is indeed dead)

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