Monday, January 26, 2009


A match up between two Texas girls basketball teams turned an interesting result. The Covenant School in Dallas destroyed the Dallas Academy 100 to 0. ZERO! Not one basket?? How is that even possible?? You would think at least one girl on Dallas Academy would get lucky and it would roll in during the duration of the game. Funniest part, the Covenant School coach was fired after the slaughter. He didn't uphold christian values by running up the score. In respect to him and none to Dallas Academy...Dallas Academy has not WON a basketball game in 4 years, and the school only has 20 total females. So couldn't pretty much any team drop 100 on them?? Like even a wheel chair team?? The Dallas Academy should just own up and quit forming a team. They got a winning steak like the number of women Richard Simmons has picked up in his day...


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