Sunday, January 18, 2009


Ok, so I'm not sure if you are thinking what I am after watching that video. But I hope you are. As innovative as the Macwheel looks, I'm pretty sure it is less innovative than an actual laptop. Lets replace an entire keyboard with a wheel? Replace more than 50 keys with one big wheel?? Does that honestly seem more practical? Look at the laptop. There is an overload of dead space taken up by one gigantic wheel instead of many useful keys. Direct links to the command I want to execute. I want Z, I just push Z. How about 7? Just gotta reach up there with my finger and give the button a push. Oh! All I have to do is use the wheel to select every single letter I want to use? Forward thinking. Instead of many useful keys lets have one nice looking wheel. Its prettier. And predictive sentences? That is plain retarded. A computer trying to guess what I want to say when I type the first words of a sentence....or just type the sentence yourself??

CEO Steve Jobs thinks the keyboard is holding computer users back. That could be true, but I am definitely sure that a gigantic wheel replacing a lot of useful keys is not pushing society to a new level. The reporter even interviews a faithful Apple customer who SPENDS 45 MINUTES WRITING HIS FRIEND AN EMAIL!! 45 MINUTES! Seriously push pause on the video when it gets to his email and look at the 20 spelling errors in it. That took 45 minutes to write! Give me a chisel, a hammer, and a stone wall I'll write you a book in 45 minutes. But wait! There's more! The battery lasts a whole 19 minutes with no power source!! Think about all you can do in 19 minutes. You never have to worry about a power outlet again. The reporter also goes on to say that the laptop is virtually indestructible, unless you drop or hit it. That sounds a lot like my current laptop. Indestructible, until you spill a pot of coffee on it, maybe take a hammer to it, or shoot it with a gun. A gun would definitely do it. Coming soon from Apple...laptops that survive direct bullet hits! It only weighs 80 pounds. But at least its bullet free!

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