Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This past weekend played host to the 66th ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBES! I put all that in caps locks because that is probably the most recognition this event got. More people tuned into the Paint Network's "Watching the Exhilarating Process From Wet to Dry."

The 66th annual Globes averaged 14.6 million viewers across its three hours on NBC, earning a 4.8 rating among adults 18-49 and an 11 share.
That’s down 26% in the adult demographic compared with two years ago and marks the lowest-rated Globes since NBC took over the telecast in 1996.

I honestly think 14.6 million viewers is too many people to watch this crap. I mean three hours long?? Who can sustain sitting there watching this show for that long besides cripples or people trapped under big rocks with access to NBC broadcasts?? I actually skipped the end of the NFL playoff game to catch the beginning of the Globes. (laughing unmercifully) Hey I love movies more than any of you and I can't stand these award shows. All the stars show up with thousands of dollars of clothes on; not to mention all the jewelry. Mines of diamonds have to excavated to make Hollywood people happy. I'm surprised Brad Pitt doesn't just roll up on the red carpet with Hundos (one hundred dollar bills) in one hand, and 20's in the other. He'd say, "The Hundos are for my blow, the 20's are for my wiping my ass." The economy is in recession and we all should watch rich people who have the easiest jobs and lives in the world congregate to pat each other on the back for pretending on camera so well. I don't think so. Sure, we like to watch you actors pretend on film. But I, as well as most of the country would be pretending if we watched the show at all. The only thing interesting about these ceremonies is all the gorgeous women in their overpriced formal wear. Watch three hours ooooorrr just look at pictures the next day?? Plus the award shows are never funny, except when Ryan Seacrest gets shunned like a polio patient on the red carpet. (see video below)

(editors note: The Paint Channel is unfortunately fictional.)

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