Thursday, August 27, 2009


Madonna was booed by 60,000 fans in Eastern Europe at one of her concerts...and its not for the reasons that most of us would think. First thing that came to my mind was, "of course people booed Madonna, she is a musician that plays horrid music!" Then I thought, "Did people just boo her cause she sucks, or is it because she sucks and is ugly as Quasimodo." I settled on the second one while I was trying to figure out how 60,000 deaf and dumb people all made it to Madonna's concert...didn't they already know she sucks?? But kudos on the booing, that's a great idea.

Well she was actually booed because she tried to tell the people forced to attend this concert (just a guess) that discrimination was wrong in between some of her disgraceful music.

"It has been brought to my attention ... that there is a lot of discrimination against Romanies and Gypsies in general in Eastern Europe," she said. "It made me feel very sad."

Thousands booed and jeered her.

A few cheered when she added: "We don't believe in discrimination ... we believe in freedom and equal rights for everyone." But she got more boos when she mentioned discrimination against homosexuals and others.

Well I hate Madonna a lot and not just because the music she makes could cause Dementors to cry, but because she is also a lunatic. If you do not know of some of Madonna's past, here is a list of rules Madonna sent with her children as they went to visit her ex husband Guy Ritchie. Ritchie had been proclaiming through their whole divorce that Madonna is a loon, and he released this list to prove it. This is just some of her craziness, but I thought I would finish by saying, "I HATE YOU MADONNA."


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