Wednesday, August 11, 2010


While I know it is impossible for every person to appreciate any particular movie, it is quite distressing seeing people bash quality ones. Inception of course has been welcomed by mostly positive critic and audience reception, but there are still people out there who are going to take their shots just because they can't let themselves enjoy something liked by the mainstream. We saw very similar treatment to Cameron's Avatar and also The Dark Knight in 2008.

Like I said, I know not everyone is going to love some of these movies like most critics, the public, and myself. I can take someone making legitimate claims on why they didn't like the movie or shortcomings they felt it featured. But for someone to go out of their way to bash or claim "the movie was terrible, or confusing," (when all you have to do is clearly pay attention!) this is just a ploy to get attention. Well, people talking like this, who should not be left in a small room with me, have my attention. Hit the jump to see this bash on Inception.

This specific shot at Inception comes from Graham Scott,  the man who created the (Microsoft Paint?) infographic and clearly wears a helmet. The graphic is a target-like layout showing how best to understand Inception. As you can see, Scott has difficultly watching what I like to call a "dialogue-fest." While sometimes too much dialogue can drag on, well written dialogue can be captivating, interesting, and provide what we "in the business" like to call background or exposition. In a film like Inception, plenty of exposition is necessary.

His second rung in the target shows by far just how stupid he really is. Computer Generated Images is essential to Inception? Many Nolan fans know that the acclaimed director is not a huge fan of CGI and never overuses the technology in fear of losing that real look and feeling to his films. In fact, Nolan did not really go all out with CGI compared to the average blockbuster that feature this type of film asset. The first Transformers displayed around 1000 shots with CGI in them, while Inception featured closer to 500. These days people seem to just say CGI to mean special effects, and don't know the difference. CGI is computed rendered, while special effects can be explosions, camera tricks, etc. This film did not even feature that much CGI. The hallway scene is an example of special effects at its finest as it was actually a real spinning hallway.

Pretense is probably the only piece of this little graphic that I can actually really agree with. I am not sure if Graham is saying this is a bad thing or not, but who really knows what this "genius" is trying to say. I personally don't have a problem with pretense in this project, and would actually label it more as suspension of disbelief. It's not like Nolan is saying this film is a documentary and this type of dream invasion is possible. All he is doing is creating a world where it is possible, explaining some of the rules (well, many of them actually), and asking you to just buy into and enjoy the rest. Suspension of disbelief allows the viewer to not criticize every little apparent inconsistency or always ask the most prying questions about this type of movie.

Where Graham loses all credibility for his opinion is the bulls eye which describes the heart of Inception to be Bullshit. I could really take his argument seriously had it not been for the center of this circle. The center of the graphic is the true reason I wrote up this long post criticizing his cheap graphic work. How is calling Inception Bullshit really explaining the movie at all? Even thinking that doesn't really make sense. Would you call 12 Monkeys Bullshit for asking audiences to believe that humans could time travel to the past to try and stop a society destructive disease? Or how about The Matrix, for creating a world ruled by robots and fake computed controlled realities? Inception is Bullshit? Mr. Graham, you have lost all respect for any of your claims. I felt the need to vent about this because I personally disagree with much of his infographic, and the middle proves his case is built upon the sand. My case is built upon the rock.... and that's the game.


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