Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008: AND WE'RE IN....

It wasn't pretty by any means, but the Vikings pulled through when they needed to and defeated the Giants to clinch the NFC North and make the playoffs. The Vikings were pretty much in the playoffs even before the game versus the Giants was concluded. The Chicago Bears were down by two touchdowns with under three minutes left against Houston, which put the Vikings in the playoffs with that imminent loss.

Even so, the Vikings really needed this game to gain some momentum going into the postseason. More importantly, to take care of their own business. The Vikings shouldn't be backing into the postseason by needing the Bears to lose. At home, versus the Giants backups in the second half Like Johnny Drama always says on the TV show Entourage, "VICTORY!!" That's what Minnesota needed, and Ryan Longwell put in the dagger. Despite some very strange play calling by Childress, and two time outs called by Giants coach Tom Coughlin. Longwell was true right down the middle, and solidified himself as one of the leagues most clutch kickers.

T Jack looked human, but there was no consistent running game to help. One big run from Adrian yes, but no grind like our big offensive line usually delivers. AP...AGAIN. Everyone already knows what I'm talking about, rhymes with words like rumble, crumble, and also humble.(no fumble lost thankfully) You got one week Adrian. Coughing up a ball in the playoffs and your season could be done. One thing is for sure. If Minnesota wants its season to last past next week, they cannot play like they did against New York. Can the Vikings put everything together for a postseason run?? Ryan Longwell needs to give everyone some of "his" Gatorade. Spread some of that killer instinct. This team CAN do damage...


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