Monday, December 22, 2008



It feels good to say YES! The film Yes Man preaches this message, and apparently it pays off. Why you ask?? Because saying yes leads to Zooey Deschanel, our female lead. She is a wonderful actress, plus in this movie she displays that she indeed has a deep dreamy singing voice. It was definitely interesting music from her band in this movie, but she has some beautiful vocals none the less.

Jim Carrey wasn't so bad himself, and definitely still rocks at being the lead. Mr. Carrey plays an uptight loan officer, who is living a complacent, normal, and boring life. He then decides to change his life around by saying yes to every single thing asked of him. It's a little crazy, but its executed in the light comedy realm very well. This movie was definitely hilarious, and had me rolling during a Harry Potter costume party. The script kept the movie interesting with a growing relationship between our couple and all the yes-ing.

Say yes a million times, then say it a million more. When you see the movie you'll think that was funny. The script was pretty creative, and definitely felt like a Jim Carrey movie. A bonus to this film is my ole friend Danny Masterson from That 70's Show (Hyde) playing a hilarious supporting role. I had a time slot open to either play cards, or see this film. I said YES to the film, and was satisfied. (Matthew=addicted to cards so you know)

That really says something about this movie. If you have any freedom around the holidays, this movie should entertain and possibly lighten your mood (if you like super hot women, i.e. Zooey Deschanel).


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