Thursday, January 8, 2009



I finally got to see this film after a long wait. I have been wanting to see this film since the day it was released being that its about WWII and all. And I love WWII, especially conspiracy within the Nazi party. This film is based on a true plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler in the final stages of WWII. A group of good Nazi officers plan to eliminate Hitler before the Allies land in Normandy. The anti-Hitler Germans know defeat is imminent in the latter parts of WWII, and hope to save Europe from being destroyed by the Allies on their warpath to Berlin. This film is pretty much all dialogue with almost no action. So in order to enjoy this long film, a viewer should like character dialogue or love history.

Tom Cruise plays a colonel named Claus Von Stauffenburg, who is head of the plot to overthrow Hitler and the Nazi regime. Cruise actually looks similar to the real life Von Stauffenburg, which makes his character even more believable. Despite my dislike for Tom Cruise because he is crazy and all, he did a good job as a German officer. It's funny because current German officials did not want want crazy Tom to play one of their beloved anti Hitler heroes because they, like everyone else with a decent amount of brain activity knows that Scientology is a hoax. Germans actually call it a dangerous cult, and actually considered banning the "religion" all together. But then they let King Scientology Tom into their country to film scenes...funny world. Back to the subject at hand. This film was packed with other good actors like Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, and Eddie Izzard. They added a lot to this film as they all are wonderful actors. Script was very good, but boring at times. This film actually kept you on edge for most of the time. You are curious to see their master plan unfold, and what was going to happen to spoil their assassination attempt on Hitler. (Hitler committed suicide 9 months after the failed attempt) The film was well directed, and had good music to compliment it. Overall a very good drama film.

As spoken earlier, you need certain qualities as a person to enjoy a film like this. Maybe you love films with lots of dialogue, or just cinematic adventures in general. Could be that you like history, Hitler, or World War II. Maybe you are a person who is attracted to a character that is a cyclops. Maybe you love SCIENTOLOGY! If you fit any of these categories, go and see Valkyrie. Otherwise see a different film, because this one is not for you.

(editors note: This film has no Scientology, or Scientology references. By viewing this film you will not support Scientology or any of its entities. You are however, supporting Crazy Cruise's Scientology pocket book.)

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