Saturday, January 10, 2009


I saw My Best Friends Girl in the theaters, and was wicked surprised when I actually liked it a lot. Dane Cook was actually more than just funny...If you are looking for a flick to pick up at Blockbuster or Red Box next week, check this one out. Plus Kate Hudson!! (shes pretty hot)

My review of this film:

This movie was shocking to me because I went in with low expectations seeing that Dane Cooks recent movies WERE NOT GOOD! I left this movie thoroughly entertained. Dane Cook surprised me by showing actual ability to act! He can act! This movie made me laugh hysterically at more than one part...but you will only laugh if you don't mind the crudest of humor. This movie was ruthless at times with some of its dialogue, but when it wasn't the script was decent. Jason Biggs was a supporting role which he flourished in. Kate Hudson was so unbelievably gorgeous as expected, played a very likable character in conflict between 2 men. The end of this movie was something I did not expect either, with Dane Cook pulling off a wedding to laugh at and remember forever. The movie actually has content to make the story worth following, and was strong til the end. I definitely recommend seeing this movie, but only if you can put up with the over the top humor.

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