Thursday, January 8, 2009


Barrak Obama is serious about going back to the moon, and made it clear he wants to "beat" China there. Obama has also stated he wants to tear down the wall between the Pentagon and NASA and get them working together. The plan to go to the moon has no official time table yet. This moon exploration is supposed to be the United States taking steps toward a manned Mars mission. But last time I checked, our country is in a recession. With people being evicted from their homes everyday. And we are going to dump millions (and I mean millions) of government funding to space exploration?? Don't get me wrong, I know its very important to learn about space and our surroundings. But this country needs help. I think we should focus that funding on our crappy education system, funding to war vets, or healtcare. Or how about we stop our colleges and universities from gouging the pocketbooks of every student that graces its campuses. Last time I checked, WE ALREADY BEAT EVERYONE TO THE MOON. So now others are talking about moon exploration, we got to beat them to it....again.

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