Thursday, February 12, 2009



This review like Benjamin Button will not be hard to write, but for the opposite reason. Benjamin Button was amazing, and this film is hardly the first 2 letters of amazing. So it was that's really stupid. That previous sentence and this film are very closely correlated. They only certainty that came out of this film is that Dakota Fanning will be hot in 3 years, maybe 2.

is about people who live among society with very special abilities. Some able to predict the future, some can move objects with their mind, some able to alter others thoughts; and as you can imagine many more. I actually liked the way Push started off. An intriguing opening scene leads to a monologue by Dakota Fanning about the past and present condition of the people with the ability to PUSH (use abilities). After that, all downhill.

The two main characters are Dakota Fanning (War of Worlds) and Chris Evans (Fantastic 4). They are offspring of the first generation of special ability humans, and are novices with their powers. Fanning is a "Watcher," which means she can see the future, and she sees death. The only way to stop it is for our main characters to team up against the evil corporation that seeks to capture and use people with abilities.

They end up meeting many other special people along their journey. One thing any story with supernatural people needs is sweet powers. The super powered humans have to either look super while doing it, or the story needs an in depth script that explains every detail. This film didn't flourish at either. To succeed, the film makers needed to impress the audience with their super hero story. I liked some of the abilities in the film, but the way that many people used them was un-enjoyable. Specifically the Asian men in the film. Absolutely ridiculous. If you see it you will know what I mean.

needed a lot of help to have any success. The script was sub par, the characters were decent but their powers are on the WEAK side. Acting was OK at times, bad at others. The directing was very interesting and probably one of the better aspects of the film. Another positive aspect about Push is the ending. I had no idea how this film was going to end, which is a good thing. The sad thing is once we get to the ending, it is not good. The overall execution for this project was not very good, and the box office turnout mirrored it. I did enjoy parts of this film very much, but all together it is not worth the price of admission. Don't even spend a DVD rental on it unless its from Red Box at McDonald's.

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