Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Barry Bonds is the all time home run leader in Major League Baseball. He is a cheater and no real baseball fan wants Barry at the top of that list. Our best hope for a new home run king, Alex Rodriquez is now admittedly a cheater. Rodriguez was the fastest baseball player to ever hit 500 home runs, and looked like a lock to at least compete for Bonds record. Four months ago I cheered on Alex and maintained that he never used steroids. Now that he slapped me in the face, and betrayed my trust as a fan...I hope he never gets close to the record. Albert Pujols is the last hope for baseball fans for a clean home run king...someone who got to the top on his own hard work and discipline. Pujols was the fastest player to reach 250 home runs in a career. Let's hope he is a man of his word and has never taken steroids. Come on Pujols, hit home runs for fans, for everyone who hates Bonds, and everyone who loves baseball.

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