Monday, March 9, 2009



This film stars 3 big name actors playing very deep characters. Ralph Fiennes plays the alpha male boss and Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson play his hit-man henchman. Farrell and Gleeson are sent to the medieval Belgium town Bruges to await orders on their next assignment from their boss. The next assignment is finally given to the hit-men and the next hit will change both characters lives forever. The men have to make a decision that brings heat from their boss Fiennes. Oh yes, before I forget. In first paragraph review tradition, a mention of a gorgeous heroine in the film. This role was played by Clemence Poesy (see above).

The story starts off pretty slow, but the time is filled nicely with funny and interesting dialogue between the two hit-men. I laughed many times from the dialogue coming out of Colin Farrell's mouth. The back story on the hit-men is very dark and really makes the later portion of the film move very nicely.

The best part about this film was definitely the acting from all 3 lead characters. All of them brought emotion to their characters, while still remaining very dangerous hit men. Farrell brought the most to the table, going from a cynical jerk in scenes to a man with passionate tears in others. Ralph Fiennes brings a fiery rage of anger that makes his character disturbed and aphotic.

Back to our female lead. She is played by the dashing Clemence Poesy. This is her first real emergence since many of you saw her as Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Strangely, In Bruges has 3 actors from that very Harry Potter film. (Gleeson plays Mad Eye Moody, Fiennes Voldemort) I could never put my foot on where I knew this gorgeous woman from, but at the end I finally figured it out. She was hot in HP, but now she is WICKED hot. She really provides a nice bright spot in a film full of dark ones.

Overall this film was interesting the whole time. I had no clue the whole way how it was going to end, which is always a positive. The acting was great, and the good script helped facilitate that. I laughed, cried (ok not really), and enjoyed this entire film. It was a little long and could have been improved with some editing. Little hard to understand Europeans sometimes when they talk so fast, but that is not a real deterrent. In Bruges is already out on DVD, but you can find it On Demand for Comcast also. Give it up for this indie flick, and give it some of your time.

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