Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The NBA Playoffs are already getting ridiculous. Ben Gordon drops 42 points last night against the Celtics to almost put the Bulls up 2-0 in the series. But Ray Allen would not take back to back home loses and dropped 3 of his 30 points with only 2.2 left on the clock to put the Celtics ahead by 3. Now the series will really get interesting as they move back to Chicago for Game 3 on Thursday.

Outfielder Carlos Quentin for the Chicago White Sox has 7 Home runs in only 11 games this MLB season!

A senior starting pitcher at Mitchell Trinity High School named Patrick Schuster just pitched his FOURTH consecutive no hitter. That is as crazy as having Michael Jackson babysit your twin mute boys. In his most recent action, Schuster struck out 17 of the 21 batters faced! (game is only 7 innings) From his past 4 starts he has 60 total strike outs! That's even crazier than having Lindsey Lohan as a counselor for spoiled troubled teens with drug problems.

I was even more amazed to find out that 4 consecutive no hitters is not even the record. Tom Engle threw SIX NO HITTERS IN A ROW in 1989. That is just un-frickin-real. Imagine trusting your evil brother Scar to save you from falling to your death above a gigantic stampede...it is just that unbelievable.


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