Friday, April 10, 2009


This upcoming movie season, or the summer as most of us call it, is looking encouraging for upcoming cinema. There are lots of different genres of films for all types of theater goers. Here is a list of my most anticipated. Click the movie titles to see the trailers for these films.

X-men Origins: Wolverine (May 1st) and Star Trek (May 8th)

I put these two films together because they come out one week after another and they need to be well made for box office success. Sure they will make money from the base of comic book fans; but the real money is attracting outsiders to spend $10 at the theatre. Both have made less than good films in the past. However, both of these films have a new perspective or storyline. If these films are well done, they should see plenty of box office money.

Angels and Demons (May 15th)

Although this is not really a film I am dying to see, I thought I would include in because of the huge success of The Da Vinci Code. This film is also based off a Dan Brown novel, and is the prequel to The Da Vinci Code. Same character played by Tom Hanks, different mystery. The previews look decent, but the true mystery for this film’s success will lie in the book to film adaptation by the screen writers. Another plus is the direction done by Academy Award winner Ron Howard (Beautiful Mind).

Terminator: Salvation (May 21st)

This will be the first Terminator not feature one bad acting California Governor, even though there will be a cameo. This film takes place in the future with a grown up John Connor. The always great Christian Bale (Dark Knight) plays Connor and the previews for this one look sweet. Terminator fans finally get to see the actual war between the Skynet and humans. More robots fighting…well that usually equals success.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (May 22nd)

This is definitely not at the top of the most anticipated. But I cannot lie I did enjoy the first one, and would like to see the sequel. The historical information weaved in with pretty stupid comedy worked pretty well in the first film. It pulled in $575 million worldwide. With more historical figures in an even bigger museum, it should prove to be as entertaining as the first. The always funny Ben Stiller once again stars and is accompanied by much of the same cast.

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