Wednesday, June 24, 2009



I had to give this film a chance with it being number one at the box office this past weekend; destroying the well advertised rival comedy Year One. With that said, and the gorgeous Sandra Bullock, I saw The Proposal first. And Sandra Bullock is one smoking hot 44 year old woman.
The Proposal features Bullock as a book editor named Margaret who strikes fear into all her employees with her iron fist; even her trusty assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds). In a meeting with the board members of the publishing company Margaret is informed that her paperwork for citizenship (she is Canadian) is not up to date, and she is going to be deported until her citizenship is re-certified.

With the impending deportation, the board decides they need to let Margaret go from her position. In an act of desperation to save her job Margaret grabs her assistant Andrew and announces the two have been secretly dating, and are also engaged. With this proclamation, the "new" couple needs to file marriage papers for the government.

Of course, there is a prying government agent who knows the engagement is a sham, but cannot question the pair on their relationship for 3 days. In that time, Margaret and Andrew travel to Alaska to meet Andrew's family. The adventure overturns a lot of entertaining scenes as these two learn all there is to know about each other.

The story overall was a pretty good one. Not the most "typical" ending to a "typical" romantic comedy, which was a bonus.

The film featured two very good lead characters that develop throughout the movie. Margaret especially changes from a loveless, in charge, bitch of a boss to a vulnerable and lovable woman. Bullock did a great job in all aspects with her character, especially her slow change from hated to charming. Ryan Reynolds succeeds in his typical girl friendly romantic comedy role.

On to the aspects that hurt this movie. Many of the supporting characters in the movie were poorly written. Whether it be the ridiculous earth loving grandma, the overbearing mother (Mary Steenburgen), or especially the town "jack-of-all-trades" Ramone (Oscar Nunez). These characters in particular seem out of place in the real life setting this film is set. The previous mentioned characters were inserted to add humorous story lines, but in my opinion were mostly absurd and hurt this project.

The dialogue between characters had its shining moments, but The Proposal was riddled with too much tacky lines and exchanges.

Overall, The Proposal fits the typical rom-com mold. For all the ladies that love chick flicks, this movie would be considered a must see. Many of the boyfriends who are forced to tag along will actually enjoy this picture as well. However, I doubt I will ever have to see this film again. I wouldn't put this as an instant chick flick classic, which is why I only can give this film a C+. Girls will love it, guys can enjoy it. What should you do? If you get a matinee opportunity see it. Otherwise, wait for the DVD.


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