Sunday, July 12, 2009



The biggest reason why this movie failed for me was a complete lack of interest for what was happening on the screen. The character Bruno was definitely irritable if not annoying in every scene in this movie. The character was terrible, the shock & awe comedy was not always laughable, and there was way to much male genitalia for me to enjoy this movie. And not only flashes of dicks, in your face dicks.

I was so bored half way through Bruno, I could not wait for this 80 minute (seems longer) movie to wrap up. The star of the film Sacha Baron Cohen pushes the limits of the viewing audiences tolerance for homosexual innuendos, scripted "Candid Camera-like" shock inspiring scenes, and crude humor.

It's a simple concept and story. Bruno is a character set in real life situations with real people reacting to Cohen pretending to be this over the top homosexual. Pretty much Borat with a gay dude instead of a foreign one.

Bruno is a gay fashion guru who desires to become the most famous Austrian since Adolf Hitler. He tries to gain stardom by appealing to the American public after coming to our country with his "interesting" personality, views, and lifestyle. He encounters love with a partner, adopts a black African baby, experiences discrimination from people who like the opposite sex, triumphs and failures...and yet in the end it doesn't really ever amount to anything but guys passionately kissing.
I will confess on a Bible that I did laugh many times throughout this movie. With it being a comedy of course it is not short of some laughs...but even bad comedies make people laugh every now and then. Bruno never feels real because of the Punk'd inspired production and camera work creating a skit mentality as opposed to an actual movie. This film resembles the make up of Saturday Night Live failures by creating full length features off one dimensional characters. These films include: Night at the Roxbury, Superstar, and most of The Ladies Man (once again, I laughed throughout these films...but they were bad movies)

All the characters in the above mentioned films push the cusp of annoyance, but Bruno seems to leap over the line every other scene. While some scenes are funny, far too many others are repulsive, ridiculous, and completely past what a viewing audience wants to lay their eyes on. I became especially bored when many scenes were dragged out with the hit and missed humor.

I guess you really need to have a certain personality to enjoy this crap. My friend Tony thinks I only hated Bruno because I look for too much out of movies. I do look meticulously at every aspect within a movie, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy films that are not perfectly executed. I have enjoyed plenty of other off the wall comedies such as Napolean Dynamite and even Borat itself, so that definitely isn't true. I didn't love either of those films, but I was entertained by the great jokes sprinkled throughout the projects. Bruno is an off the wall comedy sprinkled with crap and overall is nothing but crap.

The first weekend box office numbers for Bruno were also crap. Bruno did take the number one spot over the weekend, but only cashed in $30.6 million dollars. I believe the American public has spoken on Cohen's latest project by not wasting time or money on Bruno. I will guarantee Bruno's box office receipts will take a big plunge in its second weekend due to people such as myself citing to others how terrible this film is.

Overall, Bruno is one stinker of a film, and a huge waste of time. I take that back. It isn't a waste of time because maybe people should see Bruno just so you too can comment on its horrendous nature. Bruno could almost act as a filtration process for people across our land. If you hate it, you are smart. If you see it twice and think Bruno is pretty damn funny, I'm afraid you may be retarded (sorry Tony).

With all the dicks and guys kissing this review is missing something...hmmm...ah yes!! Here is a remedy.

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