Saturday, July 25, 2009



I anticipated the release of this film for two reasons. They are Gerald Butler and Katherine Heigl. Once the movie started I was not disappointed. These two are not only very good actors, but their chemistry was apparent from the get go (despite the fact she depises him from the get go). This movie is definitely the the typical rom-com, and if you are expecting more then don't see this one.

This film features Heigl playing Abby, a TV producer for a mediocre daytime news show. Mike (Butler) dishes out controversial and hilarious advice to women on his public access show called The Ugly Truth. In an effort to boost ratings for the daytime news show Abby's boss hires this rude and polarizing host of The Ugly Truth.

Mike quickly gains favor around the station as the ratings sky rocket and his preaching brings the fire back into the married co anchors Georgia and Larry. These two were definitely the best supporting characters played by Cheryl Hines and John Michael Higgins.
Though Abby despises Mike and everything he represents she cannot help but take his advice on dating because of her lacking love life. Mike changes the way Abby looks, talks, and acts so she can reel in a handsome doctor named Colin (played blandly by Eric Winter). With Mike's steady assistance Abby realizes there are redeemable qualities buried underneath his brash exterior.

I was shocked to find out that many critics did not favor this movie. Ridiclous criticism like, "same old rom-com (almost every rom-com is the same!), or too raunchy, or Butler can't hide his accent (who cares?), or the characters aren't believable." This film was definitely rated R for a reason, and I thought this approach in the genre was a breath of fresh air. Same romantic comedy structure with edgier comedy put into the mix. While a lot of the fire that Mike spits about woman could offend some it does not mean its not hilarious to watch.

The script was well written. Not to the point I will gush over, but enough for me to give some praise. The story moved swiftly, the characters had some depth, and the comedy was nicely injected into the fabric of this film.

Heigl's character is an uptight perfectionist that is difficult to enjoy at times with her "stick up the butt attitude." A painful to watch date with Kevin Connolly is early proof of her demeanor. Though she is annoying at times, one thing shines though...and that is the fact Katherine Heigl is GORGEOUS! That point already makes her more bearable for any guy. Heigl adds her own flare to this tightly wound character which makes her grow on you a bit.
I thought Gerald Butler was great in his first ever romantic comedy. Though I am used to him in roles where he is kicking dudes into gigantic pits I thought he fit his character nicely. He was hilarious at times and serious at others. He was believable in all facets of his character, especially with his audacious relationship with Abby.
Another plus is the soundtrack. The music selection always fit the mood, helped transition the scenes, and gave the movie a lively feel.

Overall, this is a movie that I believe a lot of people will enjoy. Don't listen to critics and miss out on The Ugly Truth. If rated R movies with edgy comedy filled with sexual content and naughty language is not your flavor, then this is not your cup of tea. The characters have some depth, are believable, and have chemistry together. That is a recipe for success in the rom-com genre, but some of the humor could push women away. I laughed a lot throughout this films duration and enjoyed the predictable ending. Check out The Ugly Truth in theaters. At almost all movie theaters Monday through Thursday all showings are 5 bucks!


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