Thursday, October 1, 2009


Sometimes I love poker...

While sitting at school today I was neglecting my task of doing my homework. What did I do with that time besides write a review of The Informant below? Played poker of course. I can honestly tell you the most amazing thing about winning the 196 man tournament was my position in the standings throughout the contest. I got almost no hands until there were about 50 people left, and then I used those to establish a nice stack. Then, back to being card dead. I pretty much position raised and folded my way to the final table.

At the final table I got a whole mix of hands that stole everyone's chips at the table. Twice at the final table I had Pocket Kings that won me the blinds when I raised up the bet pre flop (so frustrating). Thankfully, after one of those hands I got Pocket Queens the next hand and flopped Trip Queens. Plus, this complete dousche (IM_BOB) was raising every hand under the sun, and he put me all in before I could act on the flop. Easy enough right, doing my work for me.

This is how it looked with 3 of us left. Don't look at the crappy hand I was holding, look at the chip stacks I was facing off against. They sure had an uphill climb to try and nip at my heels.

It took a lot of hard work and waiting for the right moves to take out 2 of the last 5, and to get a lead like the one seen above. And once I have a lead like that, I rarely relinquish it.When I took out IM_BOB, I spent the rest of the time pushing around my last opponent heads up until I took him out with a high card King to win it all. King 3 baby!

Here is the tournament board.


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