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I had to wait far too long to finally see this movie and once I did I was even more upset it took that long for me to get a chance to recommend everyone go see it. The Blind Side is the true story of a young black man named Michael Oher from a broken home being taken in by a white wealthy, loving family named the Tuohy's. Even though the boy and the family are obvious cultural opposites they are able to create a bond that will last a lifetime.

This movie tells the true life story of NFL Tackle Michael Oher who is currently playing his rookie season for the Baltimore Ravens. The film shows how his life was drastically changed when Leigh Anne Tuohy invited him into their house one night for a place to sleep. After staying one night Leigh Anne realizes what a tremendous young man Michael is but plagued by unfortunate circumstances. Michael's mother is addicted to drugs, the friend's house where he's been staying can no longer support him forcing him to leave with no option but to sleep on the streets. Leigh Anne not only invites Michael to stay with the Tuohy family but ends up caring for him as if he was her own child.

The Blind Side features two emotional and powerful performances from Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron (Michael). In my opinion, this was the best performance of Sandra Bullock's long and heralded career. She was a force at getting people in the predominately white community to give this troubled young man a chance. Bullock's emotions pour out of the screen and her emotional highs and lows are some of the best parts of this film. Quinton Aaron  nails his role as a selfless shy gentle giant. His character evolves throughout the film to show all his wonderful qualities as a person, especially as he begins to come out of his tough exterior.

The film was written and directed by John Lee Hancock. The screenplay was adapted from the book written by Michael Lewis. Hancock composed a brilliant script with plenty of emotion, action, and powerful dialogue. His mix of drama and football were immaculate. Another fantastic thing about this script is the development of more than just the lead characters. The Tuohy family and Michael's teachers and coaches play a integral part to this movie's appeal. The supporting cast not only help Michael along the way, but help viewers care for the entirety of this story and not just Michael and Leigh Anne. John Lee Hancock has experience creating sports drama's viewers care about; he also directed The Rookie.

Overall, The Blind Side is one of this years best. I am sure everyone who has seen this movie so far has told you how good it is. Well, they are definitely not lying. I still haven't met anyone yet who did not like this movie. If you still have not seen it I promise you will not regret spending the money to check out this heartfelt tale. Despite being about a football player in the NFL the film never bombards the viewers with the football storyline. Football takes a back seat to the emotional roller coaster this story takes you on, but it is not overlooked by any means.

The film opens with Sandra Bullock narrating about football while the audience watches images of this beautiful game being played setting up the narrative about Michale that follows. A story that is so touching it is hard to believe it's not a Hallmark movie. My throat was literally choked up for large portions of this movie. I cared for these characters so deeply I could not help but want the best in life for them. If you have time this holiday season this movie is towards the top of my must see movies. Sandra Bullock has already received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress and I am sure more nominations and awards will follow for The Blind Side.

*Actual picture of Michale Oher, Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy.


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