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Please be advised that this rating is boosted because of two things: 1) I have a soft spot for romantic comedies, 2) My infatuation with one of my favorite actresses in the world, Amy Adams. In no way is this movie going to rate as high for other viewers who do not share those two ideals. I am also a big fan of the male leads Matthew Goode and Adam Scott.

Leap Year features the always gorgeous fiery red head Amy Adams playing a woman named Anna tenured in a long relationship she is pleased with, but anxiously waiting to take the next step towards marriage. In Irish tradition a woman can propose to her man on the day that only comes every fourth year, or leap year. Her boyfriend Jeremy (Scott) goes to Dublin on business and Anna decides to follow him there so she can propose to him on this special romantic (in her opinion) day.

A storm hinders her direct flight to Dublin forcing her to find less convenient modes of transportation. She tries to get to her destination by a fishing boat, a train, and finally settles on the services of a taxi driver named Declan (Goode) to help her beat the February 29th deadline. Anna being a very meticulous woman has her calculated itinerary shaken up by more bumps in the road causing her to spend more time with her handsome chauffeur.

Amy Adams and Matthew Goode have a lot of on screen chemistry that starts as dislike but slowly simmers as they warm up to each other. Adams playing the fashion conscientious uptight American girl gets taught how to let her hair down a little from the laid backing drinking Irish man. The screenplay fits the rom-com formula but has some nice original content to liven things up and Adams and Goode to drive it home. The dialogue is funny at times, but most of the comedic relief comes from all the unfortunate travel circumstances.

Another positive not usually regarded in a movie like this was great cinematography. The wide shots show the breathtaking Irish countryside and all its luscious greenery contrasting Adams vivacious red hair. At times it seemed like one of those, "Come visit Ireland" commercials, but it would have been foolish not to parade the wondrous landscape to establish the romantic setting for the budding relationship.

Overall, Leap Year is another classic in the romantic comedy Rolodex. While some may not enjoy this project as much as I did, if you love rom-coms this will probably be your cup of tea. I went with my sister (a fan of romance) and we both loved it. It had a portion of writing towards the end that really bothered me, but it is a rom-com (so back off Matt, ya Über-critic). If you in anyway like Adams or any of the above mentioned cast this movie will probably be one that has you smiling ear to ear by the end. This movie will be heart stopping if you absolutely adore Amy Adams as much as I do (which you don't) and you will be wondering if she is still available (which she isn't). Still can't knock a guy from trying. Amy, will you marry me? (still waiting on that response)

Seen it? Any thoughts?


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