Sunday, February 7, 2010


In light of all the movies I have been watching recently I thought it would be a grand idea to discuss some of the better movies I have seen. Some are soon to be released or just out on DVD, others have been around for awhile. Without further delay, I'll dive right in.

The Boy in Striped Pajamas

It causes me shame to admit I just saw this movie for the first time. The film is based off the same titled book of historical fiction written by John Boyne. It is a WWII period piece (which always stimulates my interest) concerning a Nazi officer who moves his family to the countryside so he can oversee the extermination of the Jews in a concentration camp.

His young son Bruno adventures to the camp against his parents consent and discovers another young boy in "pajamas" sitting behind a barbed wire fence named Shmuel. As Bruno sneaks away from home to see his new captive Jewish friend each day the two develop a friendship with the bliss of child ignorance preventing the boys from knowing they are supposed to be sworn enemies.

Vera Farminga steals the show as the distraught German mother trying to cope with the world that features Hitler's Final Solution and her husband carrying out the massacre. She distances herself from the reality, her children, and most of all her mass murdering husband. This is definitely the best role I have ever seen from her, and she is nominated for Best Supporting Actress in this years upcoming Academy Awards (Up in the Air).

Another thing I noticed while watching the morose parts of this movie was somber music that reminded me of the score just after Mother Tree is destroyed in Avatar. Looking on I noticed that the composer for both movies is the great James Horner.

This movie captivated my attention early and kept it all the way til the wonderful climax at the film's conclusion. It has great performances from all the whole cast, especially the two young actors playing the male leads Bruno and Shmuel. It is always hard to find children who can act, and both pull off impressive performances. This is a movie none should miss. If you like drama, great acting, WWII period pieces, this is a must see now.


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