Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I am sure many of you could not have missed the Megan Fox Super Bowl commercial that featured the bombshell actress in the bathtub. Aside from Megan wearing nothing but bubbles the commercial actually made me laugh quite a bit. It was definitely one of my favorite Super Bowl ads in what I would consider a pretty weak picking as far as awesome new commercials go. My second favorite would have to be the little black boy protecting his cheesy snacks with authority (Keep your hands of my momma, keep your hands off my Doritos).

Anyway, back to the point I was trying to make here. The world has know for some time now that Megan Fox has one very small imperfection, and that is her stubby thumbs. I personally do not care about her thumbs, but I actually noticed before every "gossip" outpost across the land began to pick her apart because they finally had something to nit pick (besides her usually bad acting of course). Honestly, I do not know how she ever made it past her performance in Holiday in the Sun, look at how terrible she is in all those clips!

Skip this paragraph, it is just me boasting about my prominent thumb discovery before all others. I noticed her Spud Webb thumb in the first Transformers when she is driving the tow truck hooked up to Bumblebee (come on, no one can drive backwards that fast in a tow truck with a multiple-ton alien robot attached!). She puts her head up against the steering wheel in despair with her right hand resting on the side, and BOOM! There it was.... Megan Fox as a human.

Once again, back to the main point of this post. If you notice in the Super Bowl ad when Megan is scrolling through her new phone with her right hand, the Webster thumb is gone! Either Megan starred on an episode of Nip/Tuck to have her hand plastic surgery-ized(?) or there is an impostor right hand posing as Megan Fox! I'll put money on the first one. You can see the ad here.

If Megan's hand is a fake, can we be certain she is real? Or even a woman? Because there was this movie one time where she ate humans and she was a demon. Movies generally do not lie.

I'd still book a table for two even if I ended up as dinner in the end (sorry Derek).


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