Friday, March 26, 2010



Before I even start this review I just want to say outright that some people will definitely differ from my opinion of this film. I graded it below average because after walking out I had no desire to ever see Hot Tub Time Machine again. I laughed, smiled and even cringed at this film's outright crude humor. But this movie was so much less than I hoped it would be, and my expectations were not that high. For a movie that was supposed to be a mindless comedy, it tried too often to be serious and sometimes too hard to be funny. 

I want to start out by throwing some love to Lizzy Caplan, the female lead on the hilarious Starz Show Party Down. She is featured in this movie (barely) as a beautiful music beat reporter. Hopefully this film will bolster her resume and she can get some more prominent roles in mainstream movies.

The movie surrounds three aging friends trying to return to the glory days they experienced in the 80's by returning to a resort they partied at as youngsters. When they get to the resort they discover the upkeep has fallen by the wayside and the place is now a dump; almost a representation of what all the friends have become as adults. The room they stay in has a "magical" hot tub that transports them back to the 80's and the grand party they were hoping to recreate in 2010. When they are transported back, they also return as their younger selves. I am done with plot details, it is not necessary at all.

I laughed hysterically a few times in this movie and chuckled quite a few more. But this is one of those movies that isn't a smart comedy and isn't always a mindless comedy. If you are making a movie in this genre, you have to pick one or the other.

So many times during this asinine story it slowed down trying to get serious and make the audience "relate" to the characters; but it misses when you change gears so late into the movie. Pedal to the floor comedy and then a digression to seriousness is like slamming the transmission into reverse on the freeway. The writers even tried to specify the details of how the hot tub transported the friends back in time with a Chevy Chase cameo as well as embellishing on the plot line of getting home via a unique energy drink.

Note to the screenwriters:  We as the audience don't care about your feeble attempt at a meaningful story! We just want to laugh. You have not spent any time in a realm of seriousness. The middle of the movie is no time to start, so just keep us laughing.

Overall, this film is another perfect example of a script written with vulgar outlandish comedy, and little else. The little else unfortunately is a poor attempt at creating an intelligent comedy, but left me bored waiting for a predictable ending. Trying to put thoughtful consideration to a poorly written project like this is just ludicrous. Don't get me wrong, the comedy hits at points, but the movie misses at so many others. Either you like this type of comedy or you don't. If you side with the latter, skip Hot Tub Time Machine.


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