Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As the June 18th Toy Story 3 release date nears, fans of all ages are getting doses of more and more Pixar content. For months now, Slashfilm has been writing pieces that introduce the new characters from the third installment so viewers will know the new toys in the story even before seeing the movie. Many big name films are releasing specific online content and paired with viral campaigns (i.e. Inception) to further promote their movies. Ah, the beauty of the internet.

Enter Disney into the ring. The media giant has just released a short one minute internet only video breaking down the plot of the movie, showing the toys involved, as well as some sweet new footage. While this short clip does not give the breath for what was featured in the longer released trailers, it definitely shows the fun nature of the Toy Story series.

I personally found this clip hilarious how it played out like a classic heist-type action movie with the main characters (Woody & Buzz) being profiled in a video game-like reference coupled with the old school voice over narration. The clip also features a lot of culture jamming (notice the Mission: Impossible reference as well) which is a huge reason why Pixar films appeal to more than just children. Without further delay, check the clip out. Is it June yet?

Source: Trailer Addict


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