Friday, June 25, 2010


In this edition of the Trailer Trash MASH, we have two very different movies. One is the third installment of the comedy franchise Meet the Parents, the other is a shoot'em up style movie following retired CIA agents called Red.

First up we have Little Fockers, the sequel to Meet the Fockers. Some of the most quotable one liners come from Meet the Parents (I have nipples Greg, could you milk me?), and I hope Little Fockers has more of the same. The movie has all the main cast from the first two movies returning, and a few more faces to fill out new roles. Joining the crew are Jessica Alba, Laura Dern, and Harvey Keitel.

While Meet the Parents is one of my favorite comedies, I did not think Meet the Fockers was anywhere near the quality of the first. The franchise went from greatness to just above mediocrity in my book. Granted I enjoyed Meet the Fockers, but it was no where near the comedic juggernaut of the first. With that considered, will this sequel be more of the first, or the second? I hope the former.

The trailer has the same situational comedy that pins Gaylord (Stiller) against the wall as he tries to impress Jack (DeNiro) and navigate his way through family gatherings. The dynamite cast is another thing that gives this film value, especially all the returning cast members reprising their roles. Enough talk, check out the trailer below. Little Fockers hits the big screen December 22, 2010.

Like Little Fockers, this film too boasts a cast full of big name stars. Just hearing all the Hollywood heads involved in this project is enough to spark a movie buff's interest. Red features Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Karl Urban, Richard Dreyfus, and the star of one of my favorite shows Weeds, Mary Louise-Parker. I know right?!

The plot follows the ex-CIA agents as they try and phase into retirement. They soon discover they are not about to be left alone by their old employer and have to band together to survive against the government agency. The movie looks to contain a lot of action, and this many big names involved says that the script has to be above average. Especially considering Helen Mirren is in the film (see the picture above). She is not an action flick type of actress, so she must have saw something in the script besides great action sequences to get her to jump on board. Check out the trailer for Red which drops October 15, 2010.


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