Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Well, it is safe to say that the third installment profiling the very interesting lives of toys is the best movie I have seen halfway through the year of 2010. Last week, The Karate Kid held that title. But only a week later, Toy Story 3 takes hold of that top spot with yet another successful tale about the lives of Buzz and Woody.

With this huge success ($110 million opening weekend - 98% approval on RottenTomatoes), Pixar again proves that everything it touches turns to gold. Toy Story 3 marks the 11th straight hit for the computer animation company making it more and more difficult to choose a favorite amongst the gems this creative team has produced. I am stuck choosing between Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Wall-E, or any Toy Story movie. With those things considered, know that Toy Story 3, like all other Pixar products, is an upper deck home run.

This time around the toys in Andy's room are growing weary because of the neglect from their grown up seventeen year-old owner about to move away to college. Andy has to make the decision whether to store his toys in the attic or donate them to the Sunnyside Daycare Center. The toys end up finding a new home with the eager children at the daycare, but that does not stop Woody from trying to convince his friends to return back to Andy before he ventures off to college. Most the toys are happy to finally be played with again by children, but soon realize the play they are receiving is brutal when it comes from the hands of a toddler.

Even though many of us have grown up knowing these characters, Pixar somehow creates even more attachment to these deep and wonderful personas in Toy Story 3. The characters' friendship grows even more as they all band together as a family trying to survive life post-Andy. By the end of this movie, when Woody/Buzz & Co. are backed against the wall, I was choked up with emotion as their fate unraveled (even more than usual too). Pixar movies always reach deep down and tear at my heartstrings. It is because the Pixar filmmakers can personify feelings and emotion to a toy or even a garbage collecting robot. Toy Story 3 was loaded with emotion towards the characters which is why I think it has been such a raging success.

Throughout the story was an assortment of comedy coming from all angles. Who would have thought toys could be so funny? Of course the other movies also had the comedic relief in them, but Toy Story 3 had some of the funnier moments I can remember in the series. The introduction of the character Ken, Barbie's other half, brought some of the funniest pieces from the film. A game of toy roulette comes to mind and made me smile at the creativity of the Pixar people. And of course, who can not laugh at the one liners coming from Hamm, Mr. Potato Head, and Rex.

The best thing about this movie is the jail break scenario to escape the daycare facility. The filmmakers weaved classic story telling throughout, but this escape was the bees knees (A+). The storytelling kept the audience intrigued not knowing the details of the plan but watching the masterful escape designed by Woody unfold. Another huge plus is the many references to other movies and culture, bringing pure enjoyment to viewers who can catch them all. Woody hoovering just inches off the ground like Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible is a great example of this "culture jamming."

Overall, Toy Story 3 is a perfect compliment to the other two chapters in this series. Is it possible to pick a favorite amongst the three? I dare you to try. This film is not only great for kids, but one that anyone and everyone needs to see. Of course seeing the first two is necessary, but who hasn't seen the first two? Toy Story 3 is not only one of the best movies of the summer so far, but will go on to be one of the best of the year. I will put money on it competing for a golden statue come Oscar time. If you have been holding off on seeing this movie, take my official guarantee that it will bring you nothing but enjoyment. If my approval isn't enough, how about the other 172 critics calling this movie top notch?

If you don't like this movie, I wonder if  you own a soul? Find the next showtime, and GO see Toy Story 3 now!


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