Friday, August 27, 2010


The upcoming release Fair Game should not to be confused with the 1995 bomb starring Cindy Crawford and William Baldwin with the same title. The 90's flick only banked $11 million on an estimated $50 million budget, scored a 13% approval on RottenTomatoes, and was nominated for Razzie awards for Worst Actress (Crawford) and Worst Screen Couple.

The newest version of Fair Game stars the absolutely stunning Naomi Watts and Academy Award Winner Sean Penn (Milk). The project also has Doug Liman's name attached to the director's role, usually counting as a plus. His best works are: The Bourne Identity, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Swingers. The 2010 version of Fair Game follows the real life events surrounding ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame. The screenplay is adapted from her memoirs entitled Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House. I always enjoy thrillers involving the government and conspiracy, but the stakes are raised when the movie is based off true events. See the captivating trailer after the jump.


After seeing the trailer, I am definitely going to be checking Fair Game out at a midnight showing. This movie seems to nail the high risk aspect of the narrative. This should have the characters' emotions pouring out on screen, especially when delivered from these two amazing actors (Watts and Penn). Seeing a married couple defending their family usually proves to fill a movie with tension, and the trailer seems to touch on that.

The script was written by Jez and John-Henry Butterworth. The brothers for the most part are unproven in the Hollywood game, but maybe this will be their big step up. Having Penn and Watts as the film's leads gives me faith that the script is at least decent, otherwise the duo would not have signed on.

Fair Game is slated to hit theaters November 5, 2010. Check back for a review after it comes out.


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