Friday, August 6, 2010


As I reported in my LOST series finale recap, the complete six season DVD set will contain a 12-minute epilogue not seen on television. This was an obvious ploy to get fans of the show to buy the complete DVD set which will have an obscene price tag from my estimation. Somehow, Videogum was able to get their paws on the complete epilogue for our viewing pleasure.

This post was supposed to allow others to enjoy the video as I was luckily able to catch it in the brief time it was online. I had the video embedded and ready to go for readers to check out, but then, BOOM, the video was gone. I was thinking about posting my thoughts about what I saw, but with no one being able to see it, I'll just have to wait until others get to view it as well. I consider myself lucky to have been online to see this video in its short internet life, but I will say it wasn't epic like I hoped. All of you will have to buy the DVDs...

Picture via: Slashfilm

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