Thursday, September 23, 2010


The newest trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows just hit the web. Of course, the Movie Mash has got you covered. This brand new trailer is not advertising both movies like the previous trailer or teaser; this mamba is strictly promoting the first film. Hit the jump to see the latest trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The trailer is definitely a good one, but in my opinion, I still have to say the original teaser for the film takes the cake. It was simple, and doesn't waste time with narration from a character like Rufus Scrimgeour.

Granted it is Bill Nighy playing the role, but his character means very little in the seventh book. Maybe the screenwriters wrote him a bigger role in Part 1, I don't know. However, creating a bigger part for Nighy in the Deathly Hallows is a problem for me; call me a die-hard. This character doesn't need more screen time in this portion of the story. Scrimgeour's glory played out in The Half-Blood Prince narrative which was a huge reason why his absence from the sixth movie was so disheartening to me. That was one of the many things that upset me about the sixth movie. Don't get me wrong, I still thought The Half-Blood Prince was a solid adaption, but it really failed to achieve in some very important areas of the movie. 

Now I know the movies can never be perfectly adapted from the books. Everything from the book cannot go into the movie or else it would be a 13 hour flick (I'd still watch it). But I hate when the writers take content from the book and change how the scenes play out in the movie. Especially when the source material is crafted to perfection by J.K. Rowling herself. It infuriates me when the dialogue of a scene changes, a different setting is used, or events unfold differently in the movie. Like I said, it doesn't have to be the exact same, but don't change things that don't need to be. There is a reason Harry Potter is the best selling book series of all-time.

Strangely enough, the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 contains some footage that is obviously from Part 2. This is very apparent less than fifteen seconds into the trailer as you see Voldemort breaking into the tomb of Albus Dumbledore. We also get our first glimpse of everyone's favorite house elf Dobby. His appearance should definitely come in Part 2. Other than that, I am pretty sure the rest of the trailer is from Part 1.

The new trailer shows the seven Potters for the first time. Many of us know this is an element of deceit to confuse the Death Eaters when Harry is escorted from his house before his 17th birthday. Another snippet that caught my eye was the "Magic is Might" statue in the atrium at the Ministry of Magic. I like the statue featured, but it's definitely not as awesome as the statue of a powerful wizard sitting on a throne of defenseless muggles described in the book. It was also nice to get a taste of the Muggle-Born Registration Act being put into effect by the Ministry.

But honestly, if I had to discuss my feelings about this trailer like I was laying on the couch in a therapy session, I would whine like it was my job. So consider me kicked back and relaxed, and you are my therapist. First up on my list of concerns is Harry and Hermione looking at the grave of Harry's parents. In the book they use disguises because Harry is Undesirable Number One, aka the most sought after fugitive in the country. These disguises are of utmost importance because of the danger involved in going to Godric's Hollow on their mission. They couldn't just go strolling about in public as themselves or else they would be captured and brought to Voldemort.

Secondly, I don't like what I am seeing when Xenophilius Lovegood's house is being destroyed by the Death Eaters. They are flying through the house like smoke and destroying it? Really? No! This would eliminate one of Hermione's best moments in the whole book series. To escape incarceration by the approaching Death Eaters, she cleverly plans the trio's escape. This is one of those moments where you don't understand her logic initially, but later she explains the brilliance of her escape plan. Then you think, "Wow Hermione, you truly are a genius." Hopefully, this part will not be missing from the film.

Lastly, in the trailer Kingsley Shacklebolt sends his lynx Patronus warning the wizards at Bill and Fleur's wedding the Death Eaters are about to crash their party. In the trailer he says, "They are coming, they are coming." What? Really? This, once again is taking away from the greatness that was constructed by Rowling in the book. In the book Kingsley says, "Scrimgeour is dead. The Ministry has fallen. They are coming." Epic right? When I read that years ago, my spine tingled with fright as I thought about the ten words Kingsley just relayed. "Scrimgeour is dead. The Ministry has fallen. They are coming." Simple, straightforward, and much better than repetition heard in the trailer. As I said before, I hope this isn't how it goes down in the movie.

Of course, this is just me bitching, but I personally think these are important pieces to the narrative. It brings me back to my point, why change things for the movie, when it is done so well in the book already? Especially changing something as simple as dialogue, why? I really hate when things are changed when it really does not have to be. Anyway, the date for Part 1 is fast approaching. Mark your calendars, go check out Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on November 19th, and then check back to the Movie Mash for my elaborate review.


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