Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The casting news surrounding the untitled fourth Mission: Impossible film has been a hot topic in weeks past. The film recently added an adversary to pit against the Tom Cruise-led team of operatives and also pulled Paula Patton into the lead female role. The newest addition to the cast comes from one of my favorite television actors Josh Holloway. Any LOST fan will surely recognize the 41 year-old instantly as Holloway played the rouge character Sawyer on the the hit ABC show that wrapped up this past year.

Holloway is in final negotiations to join the Mission: Impossible cast, and adding him to the ensemble will put me in a theater seat no matter how bad the movie is. His character on LOST is one of my favorite characters ever created and Holloway pulls off the role to a T. With LOST shooting in Hawaii for six years, it has been difficult for many of the actors on the show to branch out to anything else because of time spent on the band of islands. With the show wrapped, I hope to see more of the LOST cast members on the big screen. Just recently, it was announced that Maggie Grace, who plays Shannon on LOST, was cast for Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

Many of you know that J.J. Abrams is a producer for this latest installment of Mission: Impossible, which was also one of his many credits on LOST. Coincidence? I think not. Just last week it was announced that another Abrams product, a television series about cops who were formerly black-ops, was snatched up by NBC and set to have LOST stars Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn as the lead roles. Despite the show being over, Abrams is still looking to work with his LOST protégés. Consider me a fan of this trend.

Mission: Impossible begins shooting in the coming weeks in the country Dubai. Look for the film in theaters December 16th, 2011. 

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