Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Transformers 3 news has not been scare lately as on set photos surfaced all over the web in recent months. This was especially apparent when the project was filming on location in Chicago and fans flocked the streets to get a look at the new Transformers action. However, bad news also came from the set. You can learn more by reading the piece Abby wrote a month ago about how an extra got seriously injured during filming. Well, now there is some positive news about the film in the form of an official movie title.

My favorite piece of Transformers 3 news comes from Shia LaBeouf promising fans this third chapter "won't suck." While plot details on the film have been scarce, the opening sequence is said to partially take place on the moon. That plot element makes much more sense now that the title of the movie has been revealed. According to Seibertron and confirmed by Collider, the title is officially Transformers: The Dark of the Moon. Not really sure how I feel about the new title, but it definitely doesn't excite me. I will reserve my judgment on the title until I see the movie and fully understand the reasoning behind the name.

So, there you have it, Michael Bay's latest CGI-explosion gets an official title. Stay tuned to the Movie Mash for more Transformers: The Dark of the Moon news.


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