Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The Minnesota Vikings pull off one of the biggest upsets in recent memory by handling what many were calling the best team in the NFL (including me), the San Francisco 49ers. The Vikings dominated 24-13 by playing almost perfect in all 3 phases. Their defense stopped Frank Gore and the running attack and limited Vernon Davis and Alex Smith in the passing game. The Vikings great special teams play also kept the dangerous return man Kyle Williams in check.

By far the biggest story of the day was the constant top tier play from Christian Ponder. Any doubts about his ability to dominate in the NFL were cast aside as he proved for the third straight week he can lead this offense. Most assuring is that he did it against one of the league's best defenses. Ponder went 21 for 35, 198 yards, and two scores. He made some absolute money throws, and boy can he toss the pigskin on the run. He also had the play of the game rushing for another touchdown diving into the endzone like a white, less athletic Cam Newton. Speaking of Cam, what's up with him this year? Lost his drive, comfortable with his success?

Ponder's play the past three weeks has spoken for itself. Week 2 he looked uncomfortable at times, unwilling to hang out in the pocket while getting sacked 4 times. This week, he was sacked 0. And that is a huge compliment to the offensive line. They go from playing like garbage against a lackluster Colts front 7 to standing up to the formidable Niners defensive attack. Also worth noting, Ponder has yet to throw an interception in 2012. Say what you will about him not taking shots down field, he isn't turning the ball over either. The Vikings down field threat will get a boost this week as Jerome Simpson returns from his weed smoking suspension. Not sure if he'll make a huge difference, but he's at least a threat.

Rudolph was in beast mode against the Niners. That one handed catch? Cooler than PSY's music video for Gangnam Style.

Who even knew Randy Moss was in the building Sunday? Get your 3 catches out of here Randy.

Oh, and just to clarify, the NFL has expanded the number of timeouts per half to 5.

And who hands the ball off to Toby Gerhart a third time after two fumbles? Come on Leslie, that reflects bad on your decision making. Quit being such a cotton-headed ninnymugggins and put AP in there to finish the game. Quit protecting him. You want to stomp on the opponents throat? You put in AP, not the guy who literally almost fumbled the game away. You got away with one there Leslie.

Bring on the Detroit Lions... but you stay at home Megatron.


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