Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Percy Harvin is a man. Someone needs to tell the Tennessee Titans that he cannot be taken down with arm tackles. But even getting close enough to simply touch him is a task, just ask the Titans secondary.

The Minnesota Vikings route a team for the first time in a very long time, dismantling the Tennessee Titans 30-7. While the Vikings could have really broke this game open quite a bit more, settling for field goals in Titans territory, the effort as a whole was solid top to bottom. All working parts on the Vikings contributed something Sunday.

Christian Ponder threw his first interception of the season, a terrible decision and a terrible throw, only to be followed by his second. Despite two picks, Ponder looked light years better this week than last. He was 25-35 with 258 passing yards, two touchdowns, and two INTs. Numbers definitely don't show his drastic improvement from last week.

The defense played excellent again. That's five weeks in a row. They are making plays at almost every foreseeable chance. Minus a stupid mistake from Harrison Smith, the defense was brilliant.

But still, the Vikings were only 3-11 on third down. We will need to convert those chances against better teams. 4-1 is a start few of us fathomed and standing in the way of 5-1 is RGIII (barring him not playing because of his mild concussion) and the Washington Redskins.

With Week 5 over, the Vikings beating the 49ers now seems significantly more impressive. Since the Vikings victory, the 49ers have blown out their opponents the past two weeks 79-3.

And initially, the loss to the Indianapolis Colts looked like a hiccup. While we definitely should have won that game if it weren't for mental errors, the Colts comeback victory vs. the Green Bay Packers proves they are no small bump in the road. Andrew Luck is the real deal. Want vindication for him being the number one overall pick? Watch the last minute drive he led... that's a young man building his own legend.


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