Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The biggest reason that the family aspect missed for me was in the end Laura chooses to stay with her cheating tool husband. Granted the story does discuss the break up of George and Laura because of his own infidelity, but my impression of George post Leukemia was a changed man. And she still chose Clark. Even though the film spends so much time with George and Ira actually interacting with the kids while Clark is away. Not to mention Laura sleeping with George while pretending to go to the grocery store. Then Clark comes home, and we have even more family time in this family setting.

The kids say they don't think it would be good if their dad left, but Laura says she wants Clark out and George instead. But then as Laura is about to tell Clark she is going to leave him Ira shows up to try and stop her, and somehow instantly Clark jumps to the conclusion that something terrible is going on (just a strange part). He then beats George and storms off leaving Laura with a choice between the two. All while this whole drama is dragging on with little to no comedy in it the end it turns out that Laura chooses the dousche cheater Clark instead of the changed George. And in the end I felt cheated, like this whole flirtation was a waste of time. From my perspective she seemed to choose the wrong guy.

Not saying that this is not a reality that all men face, but to have it drag out the last hour and a half of a already overflowing hilarious comedy it makes me wonder why more suitable ending wasn't chosen. The film should have stayed on the stand up avenue instead of traveling down the Laura and her family avenue. Leslie Mann came into the movie so late by the time she was there it already creeped towards her throwing it off. Then the setting and company changes to her house and family bumping the flawlessly spinning top. I do believe if Laura made the opposite decision my opinion would have changed. Her choosing George makes all that time pay off, and not seem like a waste. I just did not like all the build up towards separation with Laura and her undeserving husband but then a 180. Just felt off.

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