Friday, November 14, 2008



The beginning of this rating, like my Zack and Miri one will be dedicated to my love for ELIZABETH BANKS. Ok, Ok, shes gorgeous...but what makes her dynamic is the on screen chemistry she creates with her love interests. Elizabeth is a great actress and I look forward to her long career....I LOVE YOU ELIZABETH!

OH yea the movie. First thing I'll say is that I love music in this movie which was mostly inspired by KISS hits. The music helped set the mood and create emotion.

This movie made me laugh myself out of my seat so many times it was painful to be laughing in the end. Sean William Scott and Paul Rudd had great chemistry as best friends and were awesome throughout. You laugh most when these two are together.

Throw in the hilarious kids and it's fantastic comedy. Little Ronnie was one of the best characters, and man does he have a dirty mouth. This movie is raunchy at parts, but the comedy involved is tasteful to the characters.

One of my favorite things in movies was featured in Role Models, and that is character development. You see the characters changing towards the end, and that makes the movie finish off as dynamic as it started. The end of this movie couldn't have been better either. I HAVE SEEN THIS MOVIE TWICE ALREADY!!(once for free, thanks G Face) GO AND SEE IT IF YOU WANT TO LAUGH!


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