Friday, January 2, 2009


Online poker has tested the limits of my patience once a $5 Sit and Go. That means we start with 9 players, top 3 get paid. I was second in chips with 4 people left. I have A-6, the chip leader has A-J. The flop comes A-6-4. He bets 2k, I call. Turn card is a 5. I go all in, and he calls. Now as it stands I am 14 to 1 favorite. This means he has 3 cards that can save him, one of 3 jacks. Can you guess the river card? A as it stands I got 4th place. Someone who didn't play the whole game, was just being folded and losing chips got third. I'm lucky I got a brand new, nice, and pretty laptop...otherwise MY FIST WOULD HAVE PENETRATED THE DEPTHS OF ITS MOTHERBOARD!! (count to 5, calm.) Why does this keep happening??!?!?

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