Friday, January 16, 2009



This review will praise to this film, and nothing more. Defiance is amazing. Simply AMAZING! Daniel Craig is our lead character named Tuvia Bielski. His brother Zus Bielski is played by another top grade actor named Liev Schreiber. These two head an amazing cast of actors that make this story have even more depth. The best thing about this WWII tale is that it is a true one. The conflict begins as four Jewish brothers have everything they hold dear taken away from them by the Nazis. For survival, they have to hide in the dense forest. As hundreds of exiled Jews hear of the encampment the population increases to a small village. Our hero is Tuvia, the oldest brother and the main reason 1200 Jews were able to be saved from death by the Nazi Regime. Tuvia inspires the camps survival saying "Our revenge is surviving." Each Bielski brother did something heroic to help save the Jews and fight off the Nazis. The fact that this story is based on real brothers who accomplished this feat is more unbelievable. That's just the story!

This film is top to bottom good. First off is the director Edward Zwick. Truly breathtaking scenes shot in the beautiful forest, especially during a light snow. All scenes are very well done, especially the action ones. The emotions run deep in this film. Its inspiring watching the Jews survive in the dead of winter and push on as the Nazis move in on their forest encampment. Everyone involved with this project was inspired to make it an excellent one. The acting from every angle was superb. The script accentuated the struggle between these brothers, the will of these Jews to survive, and the constant threat from the German Army. The looming danger from the Nazis keeps the film moving along very nicely, while the characters are what make it special. The sacrifices the Bielski Brothers and this community of people have to make brings the viewer into this struggle to oppose the Third Reich. Defiance finishes strong and really gives the audience a satisfied feeling at films end.

My recommendation...Everyone who has eyes see this film. Everyone. This film is specatacular top to bottom. One of the best WWII films ever made. Think Saving Private Ryan and Schindlers List good. If you don't like this film, then I'm pretty sure that you and I won't get along. If thats the case, let's never talk. Cheers!

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