Monday, February 9, 2009



I finally got to see this film which is sad seeing as I have wanted to see it for a while. I was more upset I had to wait that long when the film was over. This film is definitely a dialogue-fest, but a fantastic one at that. Frost/Nixon is wonderfully made and rightfully nominated for Best Picture at this years Oscars.

This film takes place after Richard Nixon resigns from office as the President of the United States. A British talk show host named David Frost sees all the press the Nixon resignation receives, and he wants to be the one to interview the former President. Nixon decides that he will take the interview opportunity to try and clear his name post-Watergate. Frost is played brilliantly by Michael Sheen. (Underworld) The role of Nixon by Frank Langella (Superman Returns) is done so fantastic that you would think that Richard Nixon played himself. I'm not the only one who thought Langella killed this role, he is nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor.

The interviews are set up in 4 segments in which Frost will interview Nixon. Three segments on Nixon's life and presidency, and one on Watergate. Nixon initially takes the interview because his advisers believe his intellectual superiority over Frost could help him look favorable in the interview and win some backing from the American public. The film depicts the interviews as a boxing match between Nixon and Frost. Frost is trying to get Nixon to admit he knew about Watergate and Nixon is still trying to deny he had any knowledge or involvement. The interviews themselves are a fantastic part of the film.

This film was directed by Ron Howard, (Apollo 13) and his directing was a stroke of brilliance. The scenes were shot so well they make a viewer feel the emotions of the characters, and the magnitude of these interviews. In my opinion, Ron Howard is ballin' out of control. He has a hot daughter, (Bryce Dallas Howard) ,made one of the greatest TV shows ever made, (Arrested Development) and is a top notch director. The acting and the script are far above satisfying, and... Ron Howard! This film is so well put together I am not sure too many people could come out of a screening of this film not liking it. It is definitely geared towards movie goers who like a drama or lots of dialogue, but casual viewers could definitely love this film too. My recommendation is see it...yesterday.

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