Friday, February 6, 2009



There is no other way to start this review off without talking strictly about Scarlett Johansson. I just viewed He's Just Not That Into You, and she is so GD gorgeous that her alone makes this film worth seeing. Every time Johansson was on the screen I could not take my eyes off her. Call it puppy love, but she is more amazing that a quadriplegic lifeguard ...and I'm pretty sure I would kill YOU just to say hi to her once. ( time)

The film is about the many different kinds of relationships and the people in them. This film is loaded with tons of top shelf actors and actress. Too many by my count. Too many characters in this film in general. Just to show you how confusing this film really is, here is the synopsis. The main character is Ginnifer Goodwin who is single and looking for Mr. Right. She starts on a blind date with Kevin Connelly, but he is into Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett Johansson is toying with Kevin Connelly because she digs married men like Bradley Cooper. He is married to Jennifer Connelly, (not related to Kevin) but seriously considers relations with Scarlett. Jennifer Connelly works with Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Aniston. Aniston is dating Ben Afleck for 7 years and wants marriage, he doesn't. Ok, whoa whoa whoa, I'm already sick of me talking about this, and that's not even the whole tangled plot or all the characters!

The story is told in chapters, each a different male vs. female relationship scenario. Each relationship between characters getting a little screen time for the audience to diagnose what is going on with the 19 of them. Why is Drew Barrymore even in this film?? Her character brings almost nothing to the story til the very end...Oh whats that?? Shes an executive producer, now I see. The sad thing is that when we are watching all these characters, the clarity of what you are supposed to be gaining from some of the scenes is not there. It sometimes feels like the Real World with no direction, just lots of drama. Lots of different dating or relationship situations that have plenty of humor but only sometimes add something to the actual story.

The main character Gigi played by Ginnifer Goodwin (Walk the Line) is the focal point of all the dating scenarios. At so many times during this film I was shaking my head for how over the top her character was, almost stalker-psychotic. I really hope all women are not truly like that at heart, because that would be scarier than Ray Charles as my chauffeur. She gets dating advice from Justin Long, (Die Hard 4) who himself is a womanizer making him the expert on the opposite sex. His advice works well for Gigi, and she begins to spread it to her co-workers, many of whom are those 19 previously mentioned characters. Gigi and the many other characters all seem to come to a turning point in the film where decisions about their relationships are made, and then finally the film is thankfully over. (This thing was over 2 hours long!)

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoyed myself while watching a lot of this film. (especially any scene with Scarlett) It made me laugh a lot; and despite the excess of characters, many of them were interesting to watch. The biggest failure for this film is the script. The story could have been more concise with less characters and this film could have been a home run. Great actors, but not necessarily great acting in the film. Overall a film with some good comedy, and a decent chick flick. Don't strain yourself to get out and see this one, but if you have the chance to go, see it. However, I personally would recommend waiting for the DVD.

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