Friday, February 6, 2009



Kate Winslet is one of the hottest females on the entire face of this planet. In her Oscar nominated role in her most recent Oscar nominated film, The Reader, she is the least hot she has ever been. (but still hot!!) The film starts off with Winslet's character Hanna living in post World War II Germany. She is cute, but without make up, is less smoking fine. She is still hot enough to seduce a 15 year old German boy however. (now all you need is myspace...or a ordained priest outfit) The teenage boy Michael is played by a very talented young actor named David Kross. (not to be confused with the hilarious comedian David Cross)

Our story starts off when Michael becomes sick in an alley, and Hanna comes to his assistance. After cleaning him up Michael makes it to the doctor to find out he has Scarlet Fever. For 3 months he sits at home, waiting to thank his hero for helping him. The day he shows up to show his gratitude he sees Hanna dressing. This sparks his curiosity to return, which develops into them getting naked. And I mean naked like 9 times. There is more sex in this film than an "adult entertainment" feature. Ok, not that much...but a lot. Everyone who has seen Titanic, which is everyone, has seen what Kate Winslet is packing. Two thumbs up again!

In school Michael is constantly reading new novels, which he then reads to Hanna while breaking from all that love making, and bed shaking. I just decided to go with that rhyme. Its breathtaking...Ok, so Michael falls in love with Hanna. She then disappears without so much as a mention or note. Michael is devastated by her disappearance, but still longs for a reason for her abrupt departure. He then grows up and attends law school. His class sits in on real trials of WWII war criminals. One of Hitler's SS troops on trial for the murder of 300 Jews is Micheal's lost love, Hanna.

This film has a top shelf script, which is the most significant reason for its Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards. The script is rich with good dialogue between its two very interesting main characters. The story has good pace and keeps you waiting for the next scene. It is a little long, but it doesn't feel like it because the story is so good. The acting is the second most significant reason that The Reader is so good. The list of films that Kate Winslet absolutely kills her role in is long, and this film is at the top of that list. Her amazing performance was so good at times it was like staring into the face of God. She of course is nominated for Best Actress for this role. Her supporting cast was stellar as well. David Kross was excellent as young Michael, and Ralph Fiennes is, well Ralph Fiennes. (in case you have never seen a Ralph Fiennes film he is a mind blowing actor, and also Voldemort)

The power of some of the scenes in The Reader is breathtaking. Taking a tour of a Nazi concentration camp is never light material, and this film keeps it heavy. Lots of emotional trauma for our main characters. The roller coaster of feelings is definitely worth the ride, and worth your time. This film is not for someone looking for cheap thrills from a movie, unless you just stay the first 20 minutes for Kate Winslet naked. This film is for the "movie buff" as they'd say, or someone that likes books. This film is good in so many ways that even a normal movie goer could like it. This film is freakin' awesome, that's about all I have to say about that.

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