Thursday, March 12, 2009


Japan has a war memorial type museum called the Yasunkuni Shrine to honor all its fallen warriors. 1,068 of the honred members here are convicted of war crimes committed during WWII. Some crimes even more atrocious than those of normal criminals.

This very untrue paragraph hangs in that very shrine. It really does not seem like that big of a deal, but most of the content in that paragraph is untrue. Its almost like propaganda. It scares me to think some Japanese may look at that and shake their head in agreement, a complete lie about the past. Last time I checked, Pearl Harbor was attacked by JAPAN in 1941. That was the United States entry in WWII. After JAPAN attacked us.

The paragraph says, "use embargoes to force resource-poor Japan into the war." Japan invaded China as early as 1937, (before any embargo) and if you want to see terror and genocide at some of its finest reference The Nanking Massacre. Japan was on the war path through Asia, even before any U.S. intervention. Not only that, but in 1940 Japan joined the Axis Powers of Germany and Italy. Joined Hitler, enemy to any sane person in the world! (and insane Jews)

After that, President Roosevelt applied the embargoes and cut off oil to Japan. Following the embargoes, Japan invaded neutral territories in Indochina to take control of their oil resources. "Plan Victory" are two words representing a plan that never existed. I'm not sure if the Japanese made this up, but Roosevelt definitely never implemented, planned, or even mentioned such a plan.

Oh yes, and then there is Pearl Harbor. When Japan planned and secretly attacked our largest naval base which caused 2,350 American lives to be lost. This is definitely a rant, but a just one. The fact that this sign still hangs is a disgrace to humanity, and Japanese culture itself. Japan needs to come to terms with their past, and take down that GD sign.

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