Friday, May 22, 2009


The NBA officials called a traveling violation on Lebron James on his way to the basket! Traveling! On Lebron James, on his home court! With 4o seconds left in the game! NBA refs don't call traveling!

Wait...that's not the story. Let's listen in.

5 seconds left, Turkoglu takes a dribble right, cuts back into the lane, shot over Pavolic...HE GOT IT! HEDO TURKOGLU KNOCKS DOWN THE RUNNING JUMPER! The Magic have taken the lead 94-92 with one second left on the clock! The home crowd is stunned in a doomed silence. The Cavaliers are about to lose their first back to back home games this season.

But theres more...
Mo Williams to inbound the ball, here comes Lebron running to the top of the key...catch, shot in time... GOOD!! THE CAVS WIN!! THEY WIN IT!! WITH NO TIME LEFT ON THE CLOCK LEBRON JAMES WILL NOT BE DENIED!

Michael Jordan knocked down an amazing buzzer beater against Cleveland in 1989 that haunted Cavs fans as the most famous game winner in their history. If you have a 4:25 seconds of free time, watch Michael Jordan dominate basketball and make the shot the video below.


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