Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The other night was a particularly strange night of poker for yours truly.

Here is the set up for a small poker game of 6 players, winner takes all. Dan V., Kyle G., and myself are the only 3 players left at the table, and Kyle has a huge chip lead over Dan and I. Dan falls first when we both flop 10's, and my ace kicker sends him home.

Now it is me against Kyle heads up, and he is pushing his 2 to 1 chip advantage pretty hard. Instead of trying to enforce my will against him, I decide to sit and wait for a hand to cause some destruction. This hand comes from K-2 and a flop that looks like this:
I think I have Kyle trapped flopping 2 pair not even knowing that he himself flopped top 2 pair. I am in first position so I check to see if I can milk some chips off him, and he bets the pot. Same action takes place on the turn with me checking and him betting. The river card comes, and I am getting a feeling from watching Kyle my hand may not be the best. So again, I check. Kyle raises his bet this time betting 3,000. I only have 4,300 left and I am contemplating going all-in over the top of him, but at the last second I just call. Perfect move. I'm beat by his higher 2 pair. Always leave yourself an out when you can.

With 6 players each starting with 6k in chips and me only having 1,300 left gives Kyle 34,700 chips. A 35 to 1 chip advantage. At one point I was all-in for the only 500 chips I had left which as the story goes doubled me up.

I doubled up a few more times until I actually had a stack of chips in front of me around 12 k. This was the defining hand of our play. Kyle limps in with J-9 and I check my 10-8. The flop brings TREATS!
I got Kyle to put me all-in and double me up again to a lead I never surrendered by pushing my huge chip advantage back at him. Great win seeing winner takes all, and second gets nothing.


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