Thursday, September 10, 2009


A production meeting for the upcoming mini series Manifest Destiny took place Labor Day. The best news to come out the the meeting is the first day of filming is set to begin this weekend for the series' first episode. The script is near completed with only the opening scene to be rewritten. The screenplay has been well received by the few who have actually had a chance to read it. The script is the first by Matthew Deery who is also the creator of the series.

Though some future plans for the series were discussed the focal point of the meeting was to focus on the current first episode production. Along with myself sitting among the meeting was creator Deery, his two executive producers Derek Spencer and Ray Nash, cameraman Kyle Goodson, and actors Sean Deery and Jeff Miller. Ideas were flowing like the mighty Mississippi between the director and his producers, and this can only prove to bring some interesting cinema.

While I am not allowed to discuss the details of the meeting or the plot itself, this zombie movie has its own flavor and surely is unique in a genre filled with zombie like projects. With the first days of filming drawing near I think it can be safe to assume the first episode will debut in the early months of 2010. Mr. Deery also informed me that a series poster will soon emerge wetting our pallets for the zombie infestation to come. He went on to say, "We are just trying to get our ducks in a row to get some filming started, every detail is important. We are all truly excited to get this project rolling, and for all of you to see it."

Well until more is released about this project this is the legendary Ron Burgundy reporting that I can indeed do over 1,000 bicep curls and that the mini series Manifest Destiny is underway.

(Of course a fictional character like Ron did not write this, I did, but it's funny and looks just like a real story!)


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