Friday, September 11, 2009


Bobby Wade, the Vikings receptions leader the past two seasons was cut today. The only thing that comes to my mind is, what?? With dropping Wade the Vikings picked up veteran wide out Greg Lewis in his stead; Lewis was recently cut from the Patriots organization, but made an impression on head coach Brad Childress in his days as an Eagle. I can see the difference between Lewis and Wade; the latter being a slot guy who goes over the middle and Lewis who stretches the field similar to Bernard Berrian.
The Vikings picked up a younger and lighting fast version of Bobby Wade with the draft of Percy Harvin, but to cut Wade just seems like a moral sin. While only giving the team 5 TD's in the past 2 years, he dominated the middle of the field like he was asked and caught every ball thrown his way. Not to mention his solid blocking skills down field for The Diesel (aka AP). I just cannot swallow dropping Wade like that for an up and down guy like Lewis, who never gave Donovan McNabb anything special in his days as an Eagle. I really hope Vikings management explains this decision, because I am sure plenty of fans like myself will not be pleased.


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