Monday, March 8, 2010


With the May 7th release looming just around the corner, a new Iron Man trailer, or the feature trailer as it is called, was bound to rear it's nasty head. Behold, a trailer so epic the words to describe it cannot even escape my mouth, or fingers that is. Before viewing this trailer for the first time anticipation was pumping through my veins; after, it was a cataclysm of euphoria.

If the last 30 seconds of this trailer doesn't fuel your desire to get yourself tickets to the midnight showing of Iron Man 2 then you either are not an actual movie fan or are unfortunately blind. Iron Man and War Machine vs. the army of robots has legendary written all over it.

This feature trailer unravels plot details exposing the many avenues of conflict coming out of this story. We see Tony and Pepper's advanced relationship, but Tony's new assistant, the sexy but deadly Scarlett Johansson, trying to wedge herself in between them. The government wants the Iron Man suit, but Tony still refuses to give up his prized possession.

Tony's success also leaves "blood in the water," which soon brings the sharks circling. This ultimate conflict comes from the villain Whiplash played seemingly flawlessly by Mickey Rourke. He devises a way to get Stark's attention by showing off his own rendition of the suit. The stakes are raised when Whiplash catches more than just our hero's attention, but also a wealthy scoundrel with nefarious plans of an Iron Man-like army of robots.

This trailer alone has "great story" written all over it, not to mention the magnificent dialogue displayed (If you could make God bleed, people would cease to believe in him). Are the visuals enough for your appetite? I know that a whole movie with those mind bending visuals will leave me feeling stuffed like I'm watching Thanksgiving Day Thursday Night Football. Besides the obvious GLORY of the July release of Inception, the second Iron Man seems ripe for second place behind it in box office receipts this summer.


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