Sunday, April 18, 2010


The Chicago Tribune recently did a video report on Jaylin Fleming, a fifth grade basketball player who is considered to be the best player for his age in America.

Fleming does not only have the skill necessary for success in basketball, but the work ethic to help elevate his game to the level of being considered among the best young basketball players in the nation.

Being only a hair over five feet tall and being so far away from the ten foot rim Fleming has to work hard on his dribbling skills and quickness with the ball.

The young Chicago star player recently got to meet one of his idols, Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls. Fleming's game has been compared to the second year NBA star, and even more so now that the two got a chance to shoot around together.

The ten year old has been mentored and trained by his father John Fleming. "He's worked hard," said Fleming. "A lot of people are talented, but they don't cultivate their gifts."

According to his father, Fleming not only works hard on the basketball court, but most importantly works hard in the classroom. Fleming is kept humble because his parents have taught him basketball is not the most important things in life, but his faith and family are.

"The only thing that is in my mind, is keep loving God and your family," said Fleming. "Keep playing basketball, but don't let the game use you."

Fleming no doubt has the talent and the work ethic to play basketball on elite levels as he grows up. Will this young hoop star develop into an professional player some day?

"Play your game all the time," said Fleming. "And play 110 percent."

Link to the Chicago Tribune video.


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